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The Interacto Graph

InteractoGraph is an automated solution for visualizing engagement metrics on articles (but not limited to that platform). Utilizing GitHub Actions, Cypress for data collection, and Google Charts for visualization, this project provides an overview of comments and reactions to your published content.


  • Automated scraping of engagement data from (extendable to any other)
  • Data visualization using Google Charts
  • Continuous deployment to GitHub Pages
  • Easy setup and customization

Quick Start

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Customize the user in
  3. Push the changes to trigger the GitHub Actions workflow.
  4. Access your dashboard at https://<YOUR-GITHUB-USERNAME>

For detailed instructions, refer to the article on


The github/workflows/do-ci.yml file contains the CI/CD pipeline that orchestrates the entire process. Modify the updateHtml.js script to change how the JSON data integrates into the HTML template if needed.


  • community
  • GitHub for hosting and Actions
  • for testing and automation
  • Google Charts for visualization


If you encounter any issues or have questions, please file an issue on the GitHub repository or join the discussion.