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my little corner of the internet...


I have a passion for experimenting and exploring various fields. My journey has taken me through a range of disciplines including coding, mechanical design, electronics, game development, illustration, and animation. The only area I haven't ventured into professionally is machine learning and artificial intelligence... but I'm looking forward to that adventure soon! 😁


My curiosity knows no bounds when it comes to learning. Each week, I dedicate at least 10 hours to staying current and absorbing new knowledge. I'm a voracious learner, frequently engaging with tutorials and DIY projects. Make sure to revisit this space for regular updates and a dose of inspiration.


Occasionally, my work catches the eye of others who express interest in using my code, ideas, or creations. This is the place where you can access all of these, along with my personal reviews and recommendations. Take a moment to explore – you might just discover something that piques your interest.