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Welcome to My Portal

Welcome to VEO's personal portal! This space serves as a central hub for all my online activities, thoughts, and discoveries.

What You'll Find Here

Aggregated Content

As someone who navigates various platforms, I often come across interesting and valuable content. This portal is where I aggregate these findings, making it easier for visitors like you to access a diverse range of topics and resources in one place.

Content Creation Disclaimer

The initial drafts of content on this portal are sometimes generated using an AI tool to help streamline the creative process. However, everything published is thoroughly reviewed, edited, and approved by me. My "meat brain" (or bio neural network) ensures that the final content aligns with my personal standards, ethics, and knowledge.

Tech Blog

Technology is not just my profession; it's my passion. I regularly write about software development, new tech trends, and personal projects. My blog is a reflection of my journey in the tech world.

  • Mirrored on DEV.TO: All my blog posts are also available on DEV.TO, ensuring wider accessibility and community engagement.

Personal Showcase

This portal also serves as a showcase of my work and projects. Whether it's a small script that made my life easier or a larger project I'm proud of, you'll find it here.

Why I Created This Portal

  • To Share Knowledge: By sharing what I learn and discover, I hope to contribute to the broader tech community.
  • To Connect: This space allows me to connect with others who share similar interests.
  • For Personal Growth: Documenting and reflecting on my experiences is a key part of my personal and professional growth.

How You Can Benefit

  • Discover Tools and Technologies: Fill knowledge gaps in old and new technologies that I encountered and untangled, here you will usually find some functional implementation.
  • Learn from My Experiences: Benefit from my successes and learn from my mistakes or, in a nutshell 🥜 cherry-pick 🍒
  • Connect with Me: Feel free to reach out, whether it’s feedback, questions, or just to say hi! We could all use some more interaction after the pandemic.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find this portal both useful and inspiring!

Stay Curious,

Viorel PETCU