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· One min read
Viorel PETCU

Change is the only constant in technology. As developers and tech enthusiasts, we face an array of tools, languages, and frameworks that constantly evolve. Sometimes, we encounter something in our tech stack that doesn't quite fit our needs or expectations.

In my recent exploration shared on DEV.TO, I delve into the concept of taking initiative when something in your workflow just doesn't click.

I discuss the empowerment that comes from tweaking, adjusting, or even overhauling elements that are within our control. From modifying open-source projects to suit our specific requirements, to contributing back to the community with our improvements, this article is an ode to the proactive spirit of the tech world.

Take a moment to read through and maybe, the next time you find a tool or process that you think could be better, you'll remember to take charge and make that change.

Carve your path,


· One min read
Viorel PETCU

In the realm of development, particularly when dealing with version control and code comparison, a robust diff and merge tool is indispensable. On Linux, Meld has long been the go-to solution, but macOS users often find themselves at a crossroads due to Meld's incompatibility.

In my latest article, I explore a macOS-friendly alternative that not only matches Meld's functionality but integrates seamlessly with the Mac environment.

Discover the tool that has streamlined my code comparison process and learn how it can enhance your development workflow on macOS. Whether you're resolving merge conflicts or comparing local files against repository versions, having the right tool for the job makes all the difference.

Dive into the article for a detailed review and setup guide. Happy coding!

Keep on merging,